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Mother Searches for Necklace Bearing Fingerprint of Daughter Who Died of Cancer



    Tourist Loses Special Necklace

    It's a keepsake that reminds her of her late daughter and she thinks she lost it in Times Square. John Chandler reports. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015)

    UPDATE: After NBC 4 New York Report, Lost Necklace from Late Daughter Found

    Precious items are lost in Times Square each day, but there may be one still out there that's particularly special to a British woman who lost her teenage daughter to cancer two years ago. 

    Before Vicky Pyne's 17-year-old daughter Alice died of cancer, Alice gave her a necklace that contained her fingerprint.

    "The necklace was something Alice had made for me when she found out she was terminal," said Pyne. "She had put it on a chain and gave it to me before she died."

    Pyne was visiting from England when she went to the Applebee's restaurant in Times Square on Saturday, and that's where she last remembered touching the fingerprint, as she often did to remember her daughter. She continued shopping and didn't notice it missing until she got to the hotel. 

    "I was absolutely horrified when I realized it was missing," she said. 

    The necklace could be anywhere in Times Square -- under the hundreds of thousands of feet that have walked by, or perhaps under the fresh coat of Tuesday's snow. 

    The other fingerprint strung on the necklace belongs to Milly Pyne, Alice Pyne's sister. She was by her sister's side as she captured her country's attention fighting the blood cancer that would claim her life. 

    In 2012, Alice Pyne was awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal. 

    "Cancer is gaining on me," Alice Pyne had written. She put together a bucket list and left the necklace for her mother.

    "I desperately want this necklace back," her mother said. "She left me a few things, but this is the most precious thing she left for me. I can never get Alice back, but I'm hoping I can get my necklace back."

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