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Bride-To-Be's Wedding "Out To Sea"



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    Annie Hopkins, 24, will get the wedding she always dreamed of, even if she won't be physically present to enjoy it.

    Elise Schmitt says she's a heartbroken bride to be whose dream plans for a June wedding reception on this 170 foot luxury yacht have run aground.

    "I was a bride without a venue, with a dress and a fiancée but no place to get married," she said.

    The Freeport company that booked Schmitt's wedding reception on the Nautical Empress last September has locked doors and no answer.

    After her calls and emails of complaint, Schmitt says a rep from Nautical Cruise Lines finally confirmed last month that the long standing company had gone out of business.

    But the Iraq war vet has yet to receive a refund of her $3000 deposit, money that she says was a wedding gift from her widowed mom.

    "She wanted to give us something and that was all she could give us- and she's very upset right now," she said.

    Late today we were told the check is in the mail from a man claiming to be an owner of Nautical Cruise Lines.

    He refused an on camera interview but said he assured all his former clients three weeks ago that their money will be repaid this month.

    "I am not running on anybody," he told NBCNewYork.

    The Nassau county department of Consumer Affair's says it received a complaint about Nautical Cruise Lines just days ago...and is now investigating to see what happened.  But its unclear whether there are others in the same boat as Elise Schmitt.

    "If they cancel your wedding, they could at least return your deposit so you can pay for your new one," she said.

    Schmitt has rescheduled her wedding at a traditional catering hall and hopes to soon put these stormy wedding seas behind her.