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Brian Cashman's Wife Files for Divorce

Mary Cashman filed divorce papers a day after a woman was charged with stalking and extorting money from her husband.



    Louise Meanwell has been arrested for allegedly harassing and stalking Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman, contact that included hundreds of emails and sometimes more than 10 calls and texts in one night. Andrew Siff reports. (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2012)

    The wife of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has filed divorce papers, a day after prosecutors charged a woman with stalking him and extorting money over an extramarital affair.

    Mary Cashman filed the paperwork Friday in Stamford, Conn.

    Her lawyer didn't immediately return a phone message Saturday. A spokesman for Brian Cashman says the family wouldn't have any comment.

    A source familiar with the family says Cashman and his wife have been separated and living apart for a year.

    On Thursday, 36-year-old Louise Meanwell was charged with harassing Cashman and threatening to harm his reputation if he didn't give her thousands of dollars. She also goes by the name Louise Neathway.

    Meanwell's lawyers deny it and say Cashman turned on her when their relationship ended badly.

    But prosecutors charged that Meanwell has a history of stalking, sending as many as 200 text messages to a victim per weekend.

    Sources told NBC New York she has previously been arrested for similar stalking incidents, including a New Jersey case in 2010 that is still open.

    She is accused of second-degree aggravated harassment in that case, which involved a different victim, sources said. She was charged with trespassing, and remains on probation.