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Body Is Ex-Cop's Estranged Wife

The lawyer for her ex-husband, Eddy Coello, said he is not being charged "at this time."



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    Eddy Coello and Tina Adovasio

    The body found in the woods off the Taconic Parkway in Yorktown Heights has been positively identified as the ex-wife of a former NYPD officer.

    Tina Adovasio had been missing since March 11. Her body was found Wednesday night by two teens driving ATVs.

    Her ex-husband, former NYPD officer Eddy Coello, briefly visited a Bronx police precinct Thursday morning. He did not comment to reporters as he left; his lawyer said he is not being charged "at this time."

    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Coello refused to give a DNA sample and left.

    Coello left the department amid numerous domestic violence complaints, law-enforcement officials said.

    Authorities said earlier they obtained a search warrant to examine his car for possible evidence. 

    Law-enforcement officials say co-workers from the hospital where Adovasio worked as a nurse said the mother of four was afraid of Coello, and she warned if she did not show up for work one day to please call police.

    Authorities began to believe Adovasio might be dead after video surfaced of a man hauling a duffel bag "big enough to hold a body" out of their Edison Avenue home on the day she vanished, according to the Daily News.

    Coello and Adovasio have a history of violence. The News reports Coello has been arrested at least three times for domestic assault, and that he was forced to resign from the NYPD after allegations surfaced in 2000 that he abused his first wife.