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"Body-Check" Cop Heads to Court



    "Body-Check" Cop Heads to Court
    The unprovoked body-check was caught on video and published to YouTube, spelling the end of a short career for the NYPD officer.

    A former New York City police officer who said he was deliberately rammed by a rowdy cyclist demonstrating in Times Square is headed for trial on charges of lying about the incident.

    Patrick Pogan was arrested after a witness' video showed him clearly body-checking the cyclist to the ground. The video was posted online on YouTube.


    The case -- set to begin on Monday -- spotlights the growing prevalence of witness and surveillance video in law enforcement in an era of YouTube and cell-phone cameras. But the trial likely will also raise questions about whether such videos show the full picture.

    Pogan's lawyer says the video didn't capture important pieces of the run-up to the incident. 

    Pogan has pleaded not guilty to charges including assault and falsifying business records.