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Bloomberg's Daughter is "Fine" After Fall From Horse



    Bloomberg's Daughter is "Fine" After Fall From Horse
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    HICKSTEAD, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 29: Cim Christo ridden by Georgina Bloomberg during the Bunn Leisure Queen Elizabeth II Cup, on July 29, 2007, in Hickstead, England. (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says his daughter is doing well after suffering a concussion in a fall from a horse.

    Bloomberg said Monday that his 27-year-old daughter was "fine.''

    The well-regarded equestrian was injured when her saddle came loose during an event last Friday. Bloomberg said his daughter may have cracked some vertebrae. He said she was getting an MRI scan.

    Speaking at a City Hall news conference, Bloomberg thanked everyone who phoned or e-mailed with messages of support.

    Bloomberg, a professional show jumper, has been injured before: She has previously broken her back, her collarbone, two wrists and one ankle, and suffered at least three concussions, according to the Daily News

    She was briefly knocked unconscious by the fall Friday night, but walked out of the Oncenter War Memorial Arena on her own.

    "It wasn't until the following morning that she had back pain and went to the hospital," he said. "I talked to her yesterday. She said her head was fine."

    "The mayor is very concerned, as any father would be," said Stu Loeser, the mayor's spokesman, in an e-mailed statement.

    Later, on Twitter, @mikebloomberg said "Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my daughter Georgina."

    In the past, the mayor has spoken about his pride in his daughter's success in competitive equestrian events — she's won national jumper events — but also hinted about the dangers of the sport.

    In 2008, the mayor told reporters that his main concern was that she "stays safe."

    "That's the only thing I'm worried about," he said.

    She was named by Forbes magazine in 2007 as among the most "intriguing billionaire heiresses" and featured in the HBO documentary "Born Rich." She has also turned her attention to charity, founding a program to make equestrian sports more affordable by recycling used clothing and boots.

    Georgina is Bloomberg's second daughter with ex-wife Susan Brown.

    On Friday night, she was dressed in costume for Halloween during the Gambler's Choice competition, her publicist said. During the event, riders have to accumulate as many points as possible doing jumps.