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Quinn Puts Mets Fans in a State



    Quinn Puts Mets Fans in a State
    Christine Quinn doesn't actually hate the mets.

    City Council Speaker Christine Quinn took to the podium yesterday City Hall to give her State of the City address.

    She spent the majority of it sympathizing with the over 9% of unemployed New Yorkers, outlining her plans for job creation
    over the next few years.

    But a throwaway line, while detailing a testing program that will allow tech companies to test their new products in the City, showed she is not as sympathetic to the longest suffering group of New Yorkers.

    "It's called the Municipal Entrepreneur Testing Service -- or METS for short," she said, of the program developed with Council Member Mike Nelson (D-Brooklyn).

    "And unlike those other Mets, our program will still be around in October!"

    With hair the color of Mets orange, and a childhood spent on Long Island, forgive Mets fans from
    expecting more out of Christine Quinn (or whoever wrote her speech).

    This lame joke came just one month after Mayor Bloomberg mentioned Mo Vaughn in his State of the City Address, commending the hefty (and awful) former Met for purchasing an apartment building in the Bronx that was falling into a state of disrepair. 

    "I’m glad to report that, thanks to him, repairs are already being made and maintenance at the building has significantly improved," Bloomberg said. “Gotta go to Mo! Thank you! So you can’t say the Mets didn’t give us any good news last year!"

    Bloomberg and Quinn's cracks came after another disappointing season from the ailing Kings of Queens, with the 2010 season not shaping up to be much better. 

    Meanwhile, News broke yesterday that newly-signed pitcher Kelvim Escobar has been experiencing soreness in his throwing shoulder.  And while Internet posts of him being unable to grasp a baseball turned out to be just rumors, Met fans everywhere have learned to take even the most ridiculous statements as truth.

    But for two high-ranking electing officials to make such heartless jokes, wrapped up in cheery summaries of New york City, is the ultimate insult.