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Bloomberg Questioned Again in Discrimination Suit

This is likely Bloomberg's final deposition



    Bloomberg Questioned Again in Discrimination Suit
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    City Hall did not respond immediately when asked to comment on the second deposition.

    New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg has been questioned for a second time about accusations that the financial data and news service that carries his name discriminated against women.

    The plaintiffs' lawyers deposed Bloomberg Monday behind closed doors for more than three hours in what legale experts say will likely be the mayor's final questioning in the suit. City Hall didn't comment afterward.

    Plaintiffs' lawyer Richard Roth said Bloomberg was questioned about his relationship with the company in recent years. Roth said the mayor sometimes seemed dismissive toward some questions.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suit filed in 2007 claims dozens of women who took maternity leave from Bloomberg LP were discriminated against.

    Bloomberg is not a defendant. He resigned as chief executive officer to run for mayor in 2001, but maintains a 85 percent stake in the company.

    The company denies the allegations.