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Bloomberg: "It's Geese or Human Beings"



    Bloomberg: "It's Geese or Human Beings"

    Some New Yorkers have protested the plan to euthanize 170,000 geese near the city's airports. 

    Mayor Bloomberg, however, has made it clear that, with the state still lacking a budget and New York City facing huge cuts next year, he has other things on his mind.

    When the Wall Street Journal asked Bloomberg for a comment on the geese-gassing plan, he made it clear that the geese were not his primary concern.

    "Look, the Department of Agriculture has to deal with the fact that all these geese are a danger to people flying.  People are not going to stop flying and we have to make a decision." he told the Journal.

    "It's geese or human beings -- I can tell you where I come out on that.  I don't think you need a quote from me."