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Bloomberg Defends Mosque, Gets Laughs on "The Daily Show"



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    Mayor Mike took to "The Daily Show" last night and held his own with Jon Stewart and once again defended the Park51 project.

    Fresh off his full-throated defense of the mosque and community center at Ground Zero, Bloomberg received a warm welcome from the crowd and immediately addressed the the city's most divisive issue .. .the sliced bagel tax.

    "It’s the state legislature; they can do anything they want," Bloomberg told Stewart. "This is not the craziest thing they’ve done."

    From there Bloomberg discussed his outspoken stance on the divisive Park51 project, saying he studied the Constitution in school.

    “It says you have a right to say what you want to say, which means to pray to whomever wherever you want whenever you want ," the mayor said. "It’s just not the government's business to tell you what to say.”

    Beyond First Amendment grounds, the mayor also noted the close proximity of another mosque to Ground Zero as well as other elements.

    "There's already a mosque within four blocks of the World Trade Center, there's porno places, there's fast food places. I mean, it's a vibrant community -- it's New York," Bloomberg said

    "Why did you have to look at me and say porno places," Stewart.

    "I just wanted to make it relevant to you," the mayor quipped.

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