Bloomberg Calls for Deeper Budget Cuts at City Agencies - NBC New York

Bloomberg Calls for Deeper Budget Cuts at City Agencies



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    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has asked for another round of budget cuts.

    Less than three months into the fiscal year,  Mayor Bloomberg is already calling for agencies to slash $800 million more from this year's budget.

    The move comes on top of more than $4 billion already trimmed from city agencies.

    This morning, the mayor said he's instructed agencies to start looking for places to slash their budgets -- and a hiring freeze is in effect.

    Under the plan obtained by NBCNewYork, all agencies, including police, fire and schools would be effected, some more than others.

    The cuts are "nothing out of the ordinary," the mayor said.

    "We have a budget gap, we need to cut expenses. Pensions are killing us, our money is spent mostly on employees so we need to reduce the size of the workforce," Bloomberg said.

    Uniformed agencies and schools face cuts of 2.7 percent while all other agencies must cut 5.7 percent.

    Hizzoner is asking agencies to make even deeper cuts in next year's budget which is out of balance by more than $3.3 billion.

    Commissioners have until October 8th to submit their plans to City Hall bean counters. And in case any are tempted to skate by without making their cuts, a hiring freeze was placed in effect until budget plans are approved.

    This is the ninth time in the past 3.5 years that city managers have been instructed to cut their budgets.