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Explosion at Power Plant Rattles Astoria



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    An explosion Wednesday night in the basement of a Con Edison power plant was loud enough to rattle windows in nearby Astoria homes.

    The blast at USPowerGen, which supplies power to Con Ed, knocked out one of the plants four generators.

    One firefighter suffered heat-related injuries and one power worker was taken in for a precautionary exam.

    Nothing outside of the plant was damaged, but some interior walls were blown out within the basement where the explosion occurred.

    USPowerGen says air quality checks were done to make sure no asbestos was released from the blast and that those tests came back clear.

    The blown generator gives off about 350 megawatts of power. There was some concern from local leaders that if there is another round of very hot weather, the loss of power could become a problem, potentially causing outages or brownouts.