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Bill Gates Talks Success, Philanthropy



    Bill Gates Talks Success, Philanthropy
    Joyce Culver for 92 Street Y
    Bill Gates Talks To Matthew Bishop

    On a rare public appearance, America's richest man shared his passion and goals beyond operating companies and designing computer software.  Bill Gates, quite contrary to what many might have thought, is not nerdy, but very funny, personable and charming.  He used hand gestures a lot and often made jokes that made the whole audience laugh.

    The auditorium at 92Y was packed with those eager to pick this self made billionaire's brilliant brain.

    "What people don't know is that giving can be so much fun!...And they can really make a difference." Gates said enthusiastically to Matthew Bishop, author of Philanthrocapitalism

    After stepping down from Microsoft's daily duty last year, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda focused on their non profit, the Gates Foundation.  It is the largest transparently operated charitable foundation in the world focusing on causes such as disease and education.

    When asked about his best advice for people who want to start their business, Gates says that you need to find an area that you are "fanatic" about.  He also pointed out that there are a lot of opportunities in science related field for entrepreneurs right now. 

    Matthew Bishop has interviewed Gates several times over years, he said he noted the world's richest man's directness quite well, meaning he says what's in his mind.  That probably explains Gate's directness and his ability to get things done.

    Gates mentioned that 95% of giving in America is toward its domestic causes but he encourages more giving to other parts of the world that needs more help than America.