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Bike Thief Caught on Facebook

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    Bike Thief Caught on Facebook
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    Facebook helps you connect with the people in your life...including those who steal your bikes!

    A local funeral home created an elaborate floral display for "Mary the Crossing Guard," a woman who died on August 2nd and wrote that she'd "like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done." [Lost City]

    A holistic pet store is opening on 36th Avenue in Astoria to further inflate your eco-dog's ego and remind him just how unhealthy those common doggie treats are. Maybe they'll have doggy yoga on the roof, if we're lucky. [Joey in Astoria]

    Why are swastikas popping up all over Williamsburg? Let's hope the hipsters don't ironically hop on this trend's gravy train of hatred. [Vanishing New York]

    In the last twelve years, New York cops have arrested nearly half-a-million citizens for the possession of small amounts of weed. And despite our pot-enjoying mayor, that trend's only gone up in the last year. [Cannabis News, via Runnin' Scared]

    A mom and her son tracked a bike thief down on Facebook after identifying him in a yearbook, finding him on Facebook, and writing, “You stole my son's bike!” Socially networked justice! [Brooklyn Eagle]