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Bed Bug Scare at Brooklyn Hospital



    Bed Bug Scare at Brooklyn Hospital
    A woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs as she slept at a suburban hotel.

    Perhaps it was just an abundance of caution, but a section of the emergency room at Kings County Hospital was shut down and exterminated after a patient came in with bed bugs, officials said.

    The patient came in Sunday night on an ambulance that was found to have one bed bug in it, a hospital spokeswoman said.

    The ambulance crew was able to capture critter, but because the patient was treated in a triage room, that room was quarantined and exterminated "just in case," said the spokeswoman.

    The room is now back in full use.

    The small parasites have been a growing problem in New York City, shutting down college halls in the past, and even two downtown clothing stores just last week.

    Although called bed bugs, the insects can live in furniture, clothing and luggage.