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Bears Stop Block Paramedics from Answering Call

Bears on the run stop paramedics from answering 911 call in New Jersey.



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    Paramedics in Wayne, New Jersey who were responding to a 911 call were stopped in their tracks by an adult bear and two cubs. 

    It happened at the St. Joseph’s paramedic vehicle garage, which is located on the edge of St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital in a remote area adjacent to William Paterson University.

    Officers from the William Paterson University Police department helped herd the bears up the mountain and back into the woods.

    Even though those paramedics could not answer the emergency call, other paramedics who were already on the road were able to respond to the call within three minutes, according to hospital officials.

    “St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital patients and visitors were not at risk,” said Nancy Collins, Director of Public Relations for St. Joseph’s Healthcare System.