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Growling Black Bear Sneaks Into NY Garage, Attacks Homeowner, Ripping Off Shirt and Scratching Chest: Police

Growling Bear Pounces on Man in Garage of NY Home: PoliceGetty Images
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What to Know

  • A Cornwall resident was attacked by a black bear in the garage attached to his home off of Mineral Springs Road at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

  • The bear ripped open the man’s shirt with its claws, leaving him with a deep scratch.

  • The victim was able to escape into his home and his injuries were later treated at St. Luke's Hospital.

A man in New York was attacked by a black bear that sneaked into his home’s garage on Sunday, police say.

The Orange County man was returning to his house garage on Mineral Springs Road after doing work elsewhere on his property in Cornwall when he heard a bear growl, according to police. 

The small black bear, which apparently entered the garage through an open door, struck the man in the chest, then ripped open his shirt with its claws, leaving him with a "very deep scratch" in the chest. 

The victim was able to push the bear away and escape into his home.

The Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corp treated the man’s wound at his home before transporting him to St. Luke’s Hospital for further care.

The NYS Department of Environment Conservation is currently following up on the attack.

"Although bear attacks are extremely rare in New York, residents are reminded to remove food sources for wild animals whenever possible and if trash is stored in a garage or outbuilding doors should be kept closed whenever possible," Cornwall police said.