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Babysitter Accused of Infant's Murder During Blizzard

Heroic efforts to get infant to hospital were in vain



    Babysitter Accused of Infant's Murder During Blizzard

    A dying infant whose ambulance ride to a Queens hospital was bogged down by the blizzard turns out to have been shaken to death by the family babysitter, prosecutors said Friday.

    They charged the babysitter -- a family friend --- with second degree murder in the second shaken baby case in Queens in as many days.

    "What's wrong with you? Why are you crying?" babysitter Anna Delarosa said as she repeatedly shook the wailing boy, prosecutors said.  That was on Wednesday, Dec. 29 as unplowed streets still mired much of Corona, where Delarosa had been watching the three-month-old at her home on 39th Street. 

    Only after little Addison Reinoso-Xoyatla went limp did Delarosa, 26, call for medical help, said officials.

    Paramedics had to run a block with Addison in their arms after snow blocked the last part of their snow-delayed, half-hour drive to Elmhurst General Hospital.

    However their mad rush to save the little boy was in vain. Declared brain dead, he was removed  from life support last Tuesday,  Jan. 4th.

    Arrested Friday, Delarosa, who faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted, was expected to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court.

    "This is sadly, the second incident that we have seen here in Queens County within as many days in which a caregiver is accused of violently shaking an infant, causing death or serous injury," said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.  "The fragility of a small child cannot be emphasized enough.  There is no excuse for shaking a child."

    Prosecutors on Thursday charged an aunt with shaking her 21-month-old nephew to the point of serious brain damage.  Susana Gill, 26, also of Corona, was charged with first-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child.