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Man Indicted in Long-Cold Baby Hope Killing

A grand jury decided there was enough evidence to continue charging Conrado Juarez in the girl's death



    Man Indicted in Long-Cold Baby Hope Killing

    A man accused of killing his 4-year-old cousin, known for two decades only as "Baby Hope," was indicted Tuesday in one of the city's most haunting cold cases, as his lawyer continued to question a police confession that sealed the man's arrest.

    Conrado Juarez, a 52-year-old kitchen worker, remained held without bail and wasn't in court as prosecutors said a grand jury decided there was enough evidence to continue charging him in the girl's death. His lawyer had decided Juarez didn't need to be at the brief proceeding.

    Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Melissa Mourges didn't disclose the specific charge or charges, which is typical in Manhattan at this stage of the prosecution.

    Juarez was arraigned earlier this month on a charge of murder, one of the few offenses with no statute of limitations in New York state.

    Mom of "Baby Hope" Reveals Why She Didn't Call Police

    [NY] Mom of "Baby Hope" Reveals Why She Didn't Call Police
    The mother of the girl known as "Baby Hope" after her body was mysteriously dumped in the woods in 1991 revealed for the first time Tuesday that she didn't report the girl missing because she was afraid no one would listen after the child's father took her. Ida Siegal has more.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    The child's body was found in 1991 in a cooler alongside a Manhattan highway. Juarez would have been about 30 at the time. Afterward, detectives nicknamed the then-unidentified child "Baby Hope," helped arrange her burial and paid for her headstone.

    Police marked the 22nd anniversary of the discovery of her body by putting up fliers and announcing a $12,000 reward for information. A tip then finally led investigators to her name — Anjelica Castillo — and to Juarez's arrest this month.

    Police and prosecutors say Juarez confessed to sexually abusing and suffocating Anjelica. At the time, the girl was living with his sister. The sister has since died.

    "Baby Hope" Mom Speaks for First Time

    [NY] Mom of "Baby Hope" Speaks for First Time, Didn't Know Daughter Was Killed
    The mother of the slain girl known as "Baby Hope" until investigators learned her identity last week and arrested a cousin for her death spoke publicly for the first time Monday, telling reporters that she never knew her daughter had been killed. Brynn Gingras has the story.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 29, 2014)

    Juarez later told newspapers that the girl died accidentally and that he only helped his sister dispose of her body. He said detectives pressured him into saying he killed her.

    His lawyer, Michael Croce, has underscored that Juarez's statements to authorities came after about 12 hours of interrogation and that prosecutors have yet to disclose whether any DNA or other physical evidence ties him to the girl's death.

    "I don't trust any statements that were made, by any individual, after being in custody for such an extended period of time," Croce said after court Tuesday.

    "Baby Hope" Cousin Arrested in 1991 Cold Case: NYPD

    [NY] "Baby Hope" Cousin Arrested in 1991 Cold Case: NYPD
    Police say they have solved the 22-year-old mystery of "Baby Hope," the child whose body was found dumped in a cooler in the woods in upper Manhattan in 1991, announcing the arrest Saturday of a cousin they say sexually assaulted and smothered the 4-year-old girl. Checkey Beckford reports.
    (Published Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013)

    Juarez is due back in court Nov. 21.

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