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Astoria Park Gets Perfume Spritz to Fight Funk



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    If Astoria park smells a little like orange peel, you're not imagining anything.

    Plus, it's a lot better than the putrid odor that had filled the park in recent weeks -- especially with the warmer weather. Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. said he first noticed the smell two months ago. Action was finally prompted by plans for a large fireworks display at Astoria Park.

    On Wednesday, the Department of Environmental Protection used "odor-counteracting machines'' with a citrus-scented spray to perfume the park.  The spray is formulated to neutralize stinky hydrogen sulfide -- or that distinctive egg smell.

    The fireworks went off as planned.

    Poo Eliminators???

    [NY] Poo Eliminators???
    Smells like poo! People in Astoria, Queens are fed up with the rancid stench coming from the waste treatment plant across the river. What's being done about it? Industrial strength air freshners.
    (Published Thursday, July 1, 2010)

    Vallone said he believed the stink was coming from the nearby Wards Island wastewater treatment plant. The DEP has denied the plant was the source.