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As Gulf Disaster Unfolds, NYers Hold Hands to Protest Off-Shore Drilling



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    GRAND ISLE, LA - JUNE 19: Oil and debris floats in Barataria Bay June 19, 2010 near Grand Isle, Louisiana. The BP oil spill has been called one of the largest environmental disasters in American history. (Photo by Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images)

    A chanting crowd marched down toward the water on Coney Island -- part of a massive demonstration across the country to protest off-shore drilling as the disaster in the Gulf continues to unfold.

    They fanned out, held hands and drew what they called a human line in the sand. They stood that way for 15 minutes.

    "No to off-shore drilling and yes to clean energy," said organizer Anne Craig.

    Similar events were planned at some 750 other coastal beach locations around the country. The event transcended the United
    States, with dozens of other protests happening in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and India.

    On the boardwalk in Coney Island, people signed petitions in favor of clean energy.  Organizers say interest in the cause has really grown since the disaster in the gulf.

    "The next accident could be here so its a global problem, not a local problem," said Noah Mclarine, who lives in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights.

    Most of the people partaking in today's protest weren't professional activists, but just regular folks who wanted their voices heard.

    "I spent some time doing hurricane relief on a bayou in Louisiana and I know those people probably have oil washing up on their shores," said Suzanna Finley, also of Prospect Heights. "So for me, it's like I can't go down there right now, but the least I can do is come out here."

    While some beach-goers joined hands, others continued to enjoy their day. And that's exactly what the group is trying to preserve -- another fun day at the water.

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