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As Good Samaritan Dies on Street, Pedestrians Walk on By

Homeless man stabbed while trying to rescue woman in need of help



    Passersby gawk, take cell-phone photos and generally ignore a dying man, a video indicates. (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    A homeless man who was stabbed when he rushed to assist a woman being attacked on a Queens street died on the sidewalk as pedestrians strolled by, apparently unaware or uncaring that he needed help.

    A surveillance video shows Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax lying face down for more than an hour last Sunday.

    Tale-Yax leapt to help a woman assaulted on 144th Street and 88th Road in Jamaica early last Sunday. He was stabbed multiple times in the chest and crumbled to the ground as he tried to catch up with the attacker, cops said.

    Several people turned their heads to look at the man lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, and a few gawked before moving on.

    Finally, a man stopped, shook the body and partially turned the Tale-Yax over to reveal his wounds.

    Firefighters responding to a 911 call arrived 15 minutes later. By then, he was dead.

    It had been nearly an hour and a half since he was stabbed -- and more than 20 people had walked on by without helping him.

    Police were investigating. No arrests had been made as of Saturday evening and cops hadn't been able to track down the woman Tale-Yax was trying to help.

    It isn't unusual to see homeless people passed out on the sidewalk in New York, and it wasn't clear from the video how many people realized Tale-Yax was in trouble.

    Whatever the case, such shocking indifference isn't limited to New York.

    Surveillance video captured the hit-and-run of a 78-year-old man in Connecticut in June 2008. The car that hit him zoomed by as the elderly man lay motionless on a busy Hartford street.

    Pedestrians gawked, but did nothing. One driver stopped briefly before pulling back into traffic.

    Someone eventually got the victim to a hospital. But the incident paralyzed him and he never left. He died May 11, 2009.

    The chilling video outraged cops and caused some to question the humanity of the state's capital city. 

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