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Army Medic Saves Choking Woman at Yankee Stadium



    Army Medic Saves Choking Woman at Yankee Stadium
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    He served heroically in Iraq -- and now John Stone, an Army medic from Montville, Conn., is being hailed a hero again.

    Stone, 38, saved a woman who nearly choked to death during a game at Yankee Stadium Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News.

     According to reports, Stone was watching the Yankees take on the Angels at the Stadium when he noticed the woman gagging  and turning blue a few rows ahead of him.

    Stone, a member of the Connecticut National Guard, jumped into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver on her.

    "Basically, I just went down there and told the guy working on her that I'm an Army medic," Stone told the Daily News.

    "I stepped behind her, gave her about five or six abdominal thrusts and eventually she coughed up whatever she was choking on."

    The woman Stone saved, Terry Weiss, is the wife of a prominent Bronx rabbi, according to the paper.  She choked on a piece of kosher London broil, the paper reported.

    "It was a very big scare. Toby's life was saved by a man who really, for us, is a great hero," Rabbi Avi Weiss told the Daily News about his wife's rescuer.

    Toby Weiss was evaluated by medical personnel at Yankee Stadium and returned to thank Stone.  "I said to him, 'I'm a big Yankee fan, but I really didn't want to die in Yankee Stadium,'" she told the paper.

    Stone was at the game with his brother Jamie, an Army soldier on leave from duty in Afghanistan.

    The Yankees rewarded the hero by moving him and his brother to the first row of the Legends section, seats that normally go for $1,250, and gave him Yankees gift bags, the Daily News reported.