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Archbishop Dolan on Same-Sex Marriage: "I've Been Down" About It

Silent on subject during Mass, but indicates afterward he's disappointed



    Dolan: Disappointed About Same-Sex Marriage

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan said Sunday he was "down" about same-sex marriage bill passing in New York. (Published Sunday, June 26, 2011)

    Before the Gay Pride Parade kicked off on Sunday, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, one of the most outspoken critics of same-sex marriage, led Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

    Some had expected him to talk about the issue during his homily, but the archbishop did not address it.

    Afterward, he indicated he is disappointed.

    "This is about prayer, and I certainly needed a good dose of the Lord's grace and mercy, 'cause I've been down a little recently, as you might imagine," he said.

    Archbishop Dolan may be disappointed by state legislators passing the Marriage Equality Act on Friday, but admits he's not surprised.

    He says same-sex marriage opponents like him faced an uphill battle. However, the archbishop maintains his position was always "pro-marriage" -- not anti-gay.

    "We as Catholics would oppose any attempt by anybody to redefine marriage, whether that -- whomever that may be," he said. "We just don't believe that marriage can be changed and radically altered to accommodate a particular lifestyle."

    His message to the gay community: "I love you very much."