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Andrew Cuomo, Sexiest Man Alive?



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    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference about recalled Toyota cars February 24, 2010 in New York City. Cuomo, thought to be a possible candidate for New York governor, has reached an agreement with the car company to provide Toyota owners in New York with alternative transportation and other perks in the aftermath of the massive recall of Toyota automobiles.

    When you think of a sexy older man, who comes to mind?

    George Clooney? Liam Neeson? Perhaps Robert Redford or Denzel Washington?

    How about Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo?

    While most New Yorkers probably think a lot of things about our next Governor, the editors at People magazine have designated him as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in their upcoming 25th anniversary issue.

    “His many years of public service make him sexy,” said Liz Sporkin, executive editor of People, to the New York Times.

    The Times also talked to the Governor-elect himself who said that he was, “slightly surprised initially.”

    Andrew’s TV-reporter brother, Chris, who was himself on the list back in 1997, had this to say about his brother’s sexiness quotient: “I am happy for my brother, the governor-elect, and his so-called sexiness,” he said.

    “It must be comforting for him to receive kudos from someone other than our mother, who favors him.”

    Chris was also quick to point out that he has to “"repeatedly turned down invitations to appear in sexiest-men issues” because it interferes with his job as an ABC News reporter.

    When asked about his secret to keeping sexy, the future Governor tried to stay humble. “A lot of it’s just natural,” he said. “It’s genetic sculpting.”