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Passengers Stuck on Disabled Train Under Hudson River

Passengers Stuck on Disabled Train Under Hudson RiverGetty Images
Eight passengers were aboard a NJ Transit bus when it crashed into a South Jersey home Tuesday.

More than two dozen commuters were stranded for hours overnight on a Manhattan-bound NJ Transit train that lost power in a tunnel underneath the Hudson River, officials say.

Downed wires stopped the train on its tracks inside the tunnel shortly before 11 p.m. Tuesday, NJ Transit says.

Twenty-seven passengers were stuck on board the Northeast Corridor train for about four hours before they could transfer to a rescue train. The train was running off a battery, officials say, so the cars were heated.

Crews were sent to the tunnel to make repairs to the downed power lines, NJ Transit says.

NJ Transit says all trains are operating on or close to schedule Wednesday morning.