Dozens of Alleged Gang Members Rounded Up in Yonkers Raids - NBC New York

Dozens of Alleged Gang Members Rounded Up in Yonkers Raids



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    Hundreds of police and federal agents conducted raids across Yonkers Tuesday morning targeting suspected murderers, drug dealers and gang members.

    More than 60 suspects were arrested in the coordinated round-up involving Yonkers and Westchester County police and the FBI. 

    Many of those charged were alleged members of the "Cliff Street" and "Elm Street" drug gangs. 

    Several suspects were seen being taken to a police facility in Valhalla for processing.

    The charges include cocaine trafficking and use of violence, including murder, to enforce gang operations.

    The suspects are expected to be arraigned in White Plains federal court Tuesday afternoon. 

    U.S. attorney Preet Bharara and other law enforcement officials are expected to detail the federal charges later Tuesday. 

    The indictment charges Steven "Manny Freak" Knowles of being the chief enforcer for the "Elm Street" gang. 

    Some other suspected gangsters like James Glover and  Preston Hardy used nicknames like "Tone" and "Peanut" according to court documents.

    Drug gangs have plagued some parts of Yonkers and other Westchester communities for years. 

    Defense attorneys for the suspects are not yet known.