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All NYC Workers' Salaries Online

New web site puts info at your fingertips



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    A new Web site has just launched that is the perfect expression of the public's right to know, maybe too much. The Empire Center has put up a super-easy database showing how much every New York City employee earns.

    The info has long been publicly available for those inclined to tromp over to the Office of Payroll Administration and dig through a million pages of spreadsheets (I exaggerate ever so slightly). Now, however, it's a few clicks away on any computer.

    Wonder how many people work at the Landmarks Preservation Commission and how much they make? Easy. There are 60 full-time employees making from $33k to $178k. Who makes the most at the City Council? Chris Quinn's Chief of Staff Charles Meara at $194k.

    Or maybe you're sitting at your desk thinking, "A city job with gobs of vacation, a great pension, and cheap health insurance sounds pretty good. I'm qualified to work at the Taxi and Limousine Commission cause I take cabs. How much could I make?" Check it out.

    The Empire Center's Web site also allows you to check salaries for most of the state government as well. Happy hunting!


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