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Actress Kirsten Dunst Takes Stand In Burglary Incident

One of the two thieves who attempted to steal from the actress' hotel room is being tried in court.



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    Actress Kirsten Dunst will testify against an accused burglar today.

    “Spider-Man's” Kirsten Dunst will testify today against a Manhattan auto mechanic who allegedly stole from the actress’ hotel room, police officials say, according to the Daily News.

    Dunst was out with “Shaun of the Dead” star Simon Pegg when two thieves broke into her penthouse suite at SoHo Grand in 2007. Pegg will also take the stand today.

    The movie stars’s $13,000 Balenciaga purse and her $2,500 Marc Jacobs handbag were stolen in the predawn incident. They also took her cell phone, wallet, credit cards, cash, iPod and two cameras.

    If a jury convicts the man accused, James Jimenez, 35, he will face up to 15 years behind bars. Jimenez’s partner in crime, Jarrod Beinerman, 34, has already been sentenced to more than four years behind bars. He pleaded guilty to the attempted burglary charges.

    Prosecutors showed footage of two men, who prosecutors say are Jimenez and Beinerman, leaving the hotel with the star’s stuff.

    Dunst, 27, was in town to film the 2008 comedy “How to Lose Friend and Alienate People,” co-starring Pegg and Megan Fox. The actress is well known for her role as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, in the three “Spider-Man” movies. The three movies are one of the highest- grossing motion pictures of all time.

    The New Jersey native was catapulted into fame when she played a role in “Interview with the Vampire”. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Christian Slater were also in the film.