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Accused of Lying, Will Paterson Lose His Security Clearance?



    Accused of Lying, Will Paterson Lose His Security Clearance?
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    Governor David Paterson: Can he be trusted?

    How do you share top secret information with a Governor who has been accused of lying under oath?  That is the question some federal and local security officials are asking now that Governor Paterson allegedly lied to the state Public Integrity Commission.

    One federal official, who spoke on condition on anonymity, said the allegations surrounding the Governor are serious enough that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security should pull Paterson's clearances.

    A Homeland Security spokesman in Washington declined to comment on the status of Governor Paterson's clearances. Several officials said as of now Paterson's security status had not changed.  A Paterson spokeswoman said the Governor will continue in all of his public duties and responsibilities.

    Governor Spitzer lost his security clearances amid the prostitution scandal -- and later resigned from office. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had his security clearances revoked following his secret trip to South America.  Homeland Security officials at that time voiced concern over his "honesty."

    Paterson to Lose Security Clearance?

    [NY] Paterson to Lose Security Clearance?
    News 4's Jonathan Dienst has learned security officials are wondering what to do about Paterson's security clearance
    (Published Friday, March 12, 2010)

    Paterson was accused of lying under oath and backdating a check to allegedly mislead investigators looking into how he secured tickets to Game 1 of the Yankees World Series last year.

    Paterson has denied any wrongdoing. But the Public Integrity Commission has referred the matter to the Attorney General and the Albany District Attorney for review and possible prosecution.