Under 9/11 Terror Threat, Mayor Declares City Won't Be Intimidated

Takes subway to work to show city is safe.

Mayor Bloomberg declared "we won't let terrorists intimidate us" as he took the subway to City Hall Friday morning, showing New Yorkers that they should go about their business despite news of a possible 9/11 anniversary terror plot.

The NYPD has increased already-tight security around the city after U.S. intelligence officials picked up threat information about possible terror attacks to coincide with the 10th anniversary this weekend.

Bloomberg rode the subway to City Hall, telling reporters that extra bag checks by police "will make people feel safer."

Intelligence collected from overseas indicates a possible threat involving car bombs, as well threats to bridges and tunnels, according to a security official.

The information indicated that three men would travel from Pakistan to the U.S. to carry out an attack.

New York City and Washington, D.C., are mentioned in the non-specific car bomb threats, according to another source.

The NYPD increased protective measures citywide Thursday evening. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said New Yorkers should expect extra security at tunnels, bridges, infrastructure and places of worship.

Officials are urging people to report anything suspicious.

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