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90 Dogs Rescued from New Jersey Puppy Mill



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    Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter
    Hans, a 12-year-old Black Dachshund, was rescued by Mt. Pleasant.

    Ninety dogs suffering from the ravages of neglect have been rescued from a New Jersey puppy mill and will soon need new homes.

    The mill was shut down last weekend in Upper Pittsgrove Township -- but the dogs are now getting the care they need at Mt. Pleasant animal shelter in East Hanover.

    Shelter officials said that the dogs -- many of them highly sought-after breeds are doing well now but need a lot of medical care. One, an 8-year-old Yorkie named Louie, was used only for breeding and had to have all of his teeth removed due to the neglect he suffered throughout his life.

    "His mouth was literally rotting when we picked him up on Sunday," said Mt. Pleasant Executive Director Nicole Lewy-Drummond.

    Many of the other dogs needed dental and other veterinary services, said Lewy-Drummond, including a group of severely overweight Dachshunds.

    The shelter will be working with the dogs over the next few weeks to get them used to being loved and cared for properly and ready for adoption.

    For more information visit Mount Pleasant on the web at NJShelter.org.