'80s Reggae Star Slashed With Samurai Sword

Major Mackerel sympathetic to samurai-wielding neighbor

What a good-humored chop.

Major Mackerel, a top Jamaican reggae star from the ‘80s, was briefly hospitalized with cuts to the head and hand after a jealous husband attacked with a two-foot samurai sword – but the musician isn’t sweating it.

“These things happen,” Mackerel, whose real name is Garfield Dixon, told the New York Daily News. "It's a Jamaican thing."

Mackerel was on his way to his East Flatbush home when neighbor Oscar Joseph ambushed, claiming that he had flirted with the man’s wife, investigators told the News.

Mackerel denied hitting on Joseph’s wife. But he said his friends might have hollered at her in the past year.

"He was chopped with a sword," Mackerel’s girlfriend Novia Watson said. "I couldn't believe it."

Joseph was arrested outside the Brooklyn building on assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges, the News reported.

He was reportedly still holding the bloody sword.

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