8 Arrested for Dumping Raw Sewage Into Sheepshead Bay

Three corporations, including TGI Friday's and Regal Cinemas also charged

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Eight people have been arrested for dumping raw sewage and restaurant grease into Shell Bank Creek in Sheepshead Bay, the Kings County District Attorney's office announced Wednesday.

Three corporations, including Regal Cinemas multiplex and TGI Friday's, also face charges in connection with the illegal dumps, District Attorney Charles Hynes said. 

“There is no excuse for the disgraceful pollution of our waterways and beaches,” said Hynes. “In 2008 I set up an Environmental Crimes Unit within the Rackets Division, to investigate and prosecute polluters and clean up our rivers and beaches. Thanks to the continued cooperation of the DEC and DEP on this and other cases, we have had great success.”

The defendants ignored orders to have their sewer lines repaired, Hynes said. 

An investigation began with complaints from residents in 2009. The investigation revealed that, in spite of these notices, noxious odors, fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system were present in the creek as recently as this year.

Craig Novoa; Knapp Street Bagels and its manager, Simon Shin; and Deauville Marina and its manager, David Matalon, all face charges related to dumping untreated human waste into Shell Bank Creek. Knapp Street Bagels,  Shin, and TGI Friday’s and its landlord, Alex Spivak, are also charged with dumping untreated waste grease and oil into the creek.

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