77-Year-Old Man Is Accused of Using Candy to Lure Young Boys in Brooklyn

Police say the driver of a red sedan tried to lure children in Brooklyn with candy.

Police have arrested a man who allegedly tried to lure two young boys in Brooklyn over the weekend by offering them candy to get into his car.

Boris Bargrum was arrested and charged with child endangerment on Tuesday, according to the NYPD. Police say the 77-year-old was in his car on Saturday when he approached two boys, age 5 and 7, as they were in front of their Manhattan Beach home. Bargrum allegedly offered the young boys candy to get into his red vehicle.

Video released by the NYPD appears to show Bargrum's red vehicle parked on the street as he rolls down the passenger-side window and waves over the boys.

Fortunately, the children's father was nearby and he went up to the vehicle. Bargrum then fled the scene but was eventually caught on Tuesday, police said.

It's unclear if Bargrum has a representative who can speak on his behalf.

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