75 Goats and Sheep Escape New Jersey Livestock Auction, Continuing Nationwide Goat-on-the-Lam Trend

If you're passing through Hackettstown on Thursday, beware of the goats and sheep -- lots of them. Potentially dozens of the animals are still loose after an escape Wednesday night.

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Hackettstown PD
Police discovered the escape just after 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. An unsecured gate appeared to have been pushed open, allowing the sheep (like this one) to go wandering around town, including near the train tracks.
Hackettstown PD
More than 75 goats and sheep managed to get out from the livestock auction facility, the police said.
Hackettstown PD
Police and good samaritans herded 50 to 60 of the animals back into the pen. The rest of the goats and sheep are believed to be on the lam.
It was the second time in less than a week that authorities had to deal with a mass goat escape. Some 118 of the animals got loose in Boise, Idaho, last Friday and went on a snack rampage.
Goats of all shapes, sizes and colors were seen on the tour of the neighborhood. In some photos, residents were seen looking confused as the goats mobbed their front yards.
In the Boise case, a large truck from the company We Rent Goats arrived and rounded up the goats. KTVB reported that the goats had been grazing nearby when they somehow escaped and set off on a snacking tour of the neighborhood.
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