70-Year-Old Busted for Graffiti

Get your morning scoop on the arrest of a 70-year graffiti "artist," a new Spanish-language newspaper, a filmmaker selling out his toilet rolls and a family unhappy with the way their son was treated by the NYPD in today's local blog round-up.

  • A 70-year old upstate doctor thought he'd try his hand at graffiti yesterday, but was caught by police shortly after writing "ROWLOW” under an overpass. He told police he thought the word was "intriguing," what with how it sounds and all, but a rival doctor suspects it's a smear game the old man's been running for 15 years. [Animal NY] 
  • Despite all the gloom and doom in the newspaper industries these days, one group of "former reporters and editors of the New York edition of Hoy" are saying No Comprende. They're starting up N.Y. Al Dia, a new Spanish-language daily to have an initial circulation of 20,000. [Crains] 
  • The Williamsburg-based filmmaker Michel Gondry has cooked up an alternative way of bringing in a few extra bucks this month, by selling a roll of his toilet paper, movie props and a hand-drawn portrait of anyone willing to pay $19.99. Gothamist admits it's, "Quite the deal, even during these recessionary times." [Gothamist
  • The family of a bipolar and schizophrenic man who was beaten by the NYPD spoke out at a press release Tuesday morning to announce that "they will sue the officers involved in the beating." Gamalier Reyes, 26, is currently at Woodhill Medical and Mental Health Center awaiting surgery. Police say the man was "aggresive with the officers" and they only attacked them after their failure to restrain the man. There were six cops. That's six NYPD officers who failed to restrain this one mentally ill man without the use of extreme force. [BushwickBK]
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