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634 Students, 1 Toilet at Brooklyn School

Daily News report forces educators to free up potties



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    The line for the loo at a Brooklyn school was like the line for Lady Gaga tickets.

    A Brooklyn high school took all but one of its toilets out of commission, leaving 634 students to vie for the use of a single commode, according to a report.

    Administrators at Science Skills Center High kept most of the johns locked in a bid to stem violence and fires set in the restrooms, according to the Daily News. Only after the tabloid started asking questions did educators open up the stalls.

    But an entire student body can put a lot of stress on one pottie.

    "It was awful, and not just the smell or the line," one student, junior Kianna Cole, told the News. "It was pee all over the place and the terrible plumbing."

    Kids told the newspaper that dozens regularly lined up to go, and the waiting time often exceeded 20 minutes.

    An Education Department spokeswoman told the News the situation only lasted for one day, but students and even two staffers differed.