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50-Foot Tree Falls on 4 People in Riverside Park

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A massive, 50-foot tree fell onto four people who were enjoying a warm Wednesday out by the Hudson, sending at least three of them to the hospital.

Witnesses described seeing the tree in Riverside Park falling in slow-motion before making a thunderous noise when it made contact with the ground near 92nd Street around 6 p.m.

"It sounded like a gunshot. It was very scary," a witness told NBC New York.

One woman who was sitting on a bench was pinned right in between two large branches but the tree missed her by inches, another witness said.

"I spoke to her and I said, 'this is the luckiest day of your life,'" said the witness.

After paramedics arrived at the scene, they were seen putting at least two patients on stretchers before transporting them to St. Lukes Hospital. Another woman was able to walk as she was treated for her injuries. The extent of their injuries is unclear.

What caused the tree to fall is also unknown.

The unfortunate incident was reminiscent of a similar scene in Central Park that occurred three years ago. A 75-foot oak tree there fell on a woman who was with her three young children. Witnesses also rushed to the scene then to help her out.

"Everyone was so brave. They were trying to hold the tree up. Everyone was trying to help. It really shows New Yorkers there were so many good samaritans who were trying to save the people," a witness said of Wednesday's incident.

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