5-Year-Old Rides NYC Subway Alone for 34 Stops

Mom praises authorities for boy's safe return

For a mother, nothing could be more frightening than losing your 5-year-old son in a New York City subway station. But for a little boy like Samuel Sosa, it can be an adventure.

Sammy slipped onto a subway alone and rode for 34 stops from the Bronx to the southern tip of Manhattan before anyone intercepted him, authorities say.

The boy has been reunited with his mother, unharmed, after his hour-long transit odyssey Monday. His mom was beyond relieved to have him back, and all Sammy had to say was, “I feel fine,” according to The New York Daily News.

Griselda Sosa says her son got away from her around 7:40 a.m. while she got coffee near an elevated station on the No. 1 line in the Bronx. Sammy apparently sprinted up the station's stairs, squeezed under a turnstile and boarded a southbound train before she could stop him. The boy, who had the day off from school, was apparently angry because he wanted to take the bus and his mother insisted they ride the subway, according to the Daily News. They were on their way to a babysitter.

In a panic, Sosa darted outside to a nearby bus stop, in case her son had obstinately opted to do that instead of take the train, but he wasn’t there. Sammy wasn’t on the subway platform downstairs either; his mother couldn’t find him anywhere.

The boy had already boarded the train, it turns out.

Police quickly put out an alert, but Sammy made it to the end of the line in Manhattan before transit workers spotted him around 8:40 a.m. They said it seemed like he was having the time of his life, and only got worried when he couldn’t tell them where his mother was, according to the Daily News. Sammy's mom had nothing but praise for the authorities who safely returned her boy.

"I was sad before but became very happy," Griselda Sosa told the paper. "[They] did good work. Good and fast."

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