5 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden in Shoe Soles at JFK

Customs agents at John F. Kennedy Airport found nearly five pounds of cocaine concealed in the soles of sneakers packed in abandoned luggage last week, Customs and Border Protection Officers said Monday.

The drugs were discovered Thursday when agents were examining leftover luggage that had arrived from the Dominican Republic, authorities said.

The officers discovered the sneakers inside a suitcase, and finding them unusually heavy, examined them more thoroughly.

They found white powdery substance inside, which tested positive for cocaine.

The drugs had a street value of over $107,000, officials said.

It wasn't clear whether the luggage had been abandoned first or whether the owner decided to leave the luggage after sensing agents may have discovered the drugs.

A Customs spokesman said the office was investigating the luggage and working to locate the owner of the suitcase. 

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