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5 Students Expelled for NJ Teacher Beating



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    Officials say five New Jersey high school students charged with attacking a math teacher in his classroom have been expelled.

    Irvington School Board President Paul Inman tells The Star-Ledger of Newark that the board voted Wednesday to expel the students.

    Three boys and two girls, ages 14 to 16, have been charged with aggravated assault in connection with the attack.

    Police say 44-year-old math teacher Muideen Oladoja was punched in the face by a 15-year-old student then dragged from his classroom into a hallway, where four other students punched and kicked him.

    Inman said much of the attack was captured by school security cameras.

    Oladoja was treated at a hospital for unspecified injuries. He has not returned to work.

    Following the attack, Irvington High School Superintendent Ethel J. Hasty said the students would be “disciplined to the fullest extent of the law."

    Oladoja had locked the door to the classroom after feeling threatened by one student,  but soon after, the boy and another student returned -- and the first student punched the teacher in the face.

    The teacher tried to fend off the attack but was dragged into the hallway by the two students.  That's where three more students joined the assault, police said.

    School officials say the motive behind the attack is unclear.  Hasty said neither Oladoja nor his students could come up with a possible reason.

    ”It does not make sense,” Hasty said.