40th Anniversary Woodstock Concert Plans Scrapped

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One of the partners who organized the original 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair scrapped plans for a 40th anniversary concert in Prospect Park today, telling Rolling Stone he couldn't find any sponsors to front the reported $10 million bill. Peace, love, and debt. [Rolling Stone]

What's the Brooklyn Museum have up its sleeve that has one blogger saying "it will change how you visit the museum...forever."? [Rikomatic]

Check out the UrbanMole, a "capsule that travels through existing networks of undergroup pipes," much like a delivery man would do in a truck. Except this robotic thing is cruising the tunnels at high-speeds and is basically the coolest idea. It second-place finisher in a "logistics competition," and will hopefully be in New York by 2020, if I have anything to do with it. [Wired]

A painting that's said to be the only one Michael Jackson actually posed for is "probably" for sale in Harlem, says its owners. In 1990 it was bought for $2.1 million dollars, but, you know a lot's happened since then. [City Room]

The safari guides are out in Bushwick to warn you not to touch the kittens, because they have diseases, and because that's what 21-year old fashion employees do these days to be "Gold. Summery. Comfortable." [BushwickBK]

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