4 Men Arrested After Shooting, Hit-and-Run in Newark: Authorities

Police have arrested four suspects and seized three guns after cops witnessed a shooting in Newark Thursday evening, authorities said.

Police have identified two of the suspects as 18-year-olds Quaseam Clyburn and Marcus Baskerville. They said the two of them were accompanied by two 17-year-old males.

The four, all from Newark, are expected to be charged with aggravated assault and weapons possession, police say.

The suspects stopped their black Audi at the corner of 15th Avenue and South 18th Street then shot a man at the intersection as two border patrol officers were driving by, according to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose.

When the suspects noticed the officers approaching, they drove away quickly, only to crash into a Nissan one block away at South 19th Street, police said. The four then allegedly fled from the car.

Responding backup officers caught three of the four suspects immediately and found three guns in the vehicle, according to cops. The Audi was reported stolen from East Orange on July 13, police said.

Soon after, a K-9 unit located the last suspect hiding in an unoccupied building nearby.

The victim of the shooting is being treated at a local hospital for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and is expected to be released, police said.

Emergency responders examined the Nissan driver at the site of the collision.

Director Ambrose used the incident to comment on the country’s gun control laws.

“As a nation, we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of those who want to use them to kill and injure other people. It’s pathetic that our current system is failing us. More needs to be done to stem the availability of illegal guns,” he said.

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