4 Fraternity Brothers Charged After UConn Student's Death Seek Probation Program

Four of the six University of Connecticut students charged with alcohol-related offenses after a student was hit and killed by a campus fire department vehicle last October have applied for a special form of probation that would allow them to avoid a criminal record.

The Courant reports they are scheduled to return to Superior Court in Rockville on June 1 for hearings on their applications for accelerated rehabilitation. The two who have not applied for accelerated rehabilitation are due in court this month.

Six fraternity brothers, all between the ages of 21 and 22, were arrested Feb. 27. in connection with the death of UConn sophomore Jeffny Pally, 19. The brothers face a host of charges, including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol and sale or delivery to minors.

Authorities say the students had been hosting an off-campus party at a fraternity-affiliated house Oct. 16. Pally was asleep in front of the fire department garage door and was run over by a vehicle responding to what turned out to be a false alarm. 

Officials from the medical examiner's office determined she died of blunt injuries to her torso and head and classified her death as an accident.

The fraternity referenced in the arrest warrant affidavit, Kappa Sigma, recently lost its UConn recognition and housing based on off-campus incidents in September and October. Those incidents were unrelated to Pally's death, the university said. 

A university spokeswoman said the students are still enrolled at UConn but said federal student privacy law prevents the university from saying whether any of them face discipline by the school.

Pallly was majoring in allied health and aspired to be a nurse, according to the university. She worked as a resident assistant and was joining a sorority.

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