4-Foot Long Boa Gives Laundry Worker a Ssssscare

Cops are still trying to figure out how a 4-foot long boa constrictor found its way into a Harlem Laundromat and gave a worker the scare of her life.

Erika Vega, 27, was going about her usual routine when she went to wash a pile of clothes yesterday at the Gracie Laundromat in Morningside Heights. She saw the snake behind the sack and figured it was a big toy, according to a published report.

But then it moved. And she screamed.

"It's alive! It's alive," Vega shrieked, according to The New York Post

As it appears, what began as a frightening encounter for one woman became became a happy reunion for another. The 9-pound snake named Silky escaped from an apartment three floors above the Laundromat about five months ago. Animal-control authorities returned the reptile to owner Sury Leguisamon, who was grateful to have her beloved pet back home, reports the Post.

"I missed her a lot," the 17-year-old said.

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