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4 Jewish Patrol Members Shot on Brooklyn Street

Group followed suspect after someone called hotline reporting man leering at young girls



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    5 people reported dead.

    Police say four members of a Jewish security patrol are recovering after they were shot by a man they say was exposing himself to young girls.

    The members of the Orthodox Shomrim group were following the 33-year-old man in the Borough Park neighborhood last night after residents called a hot line. They first reported seeing the man leering at young girls earlier in the week, and police say he had apparently been touching himself in his car in front of girls.

    The Shomrim is a licensed, unarmed community group that works with police to keep order in the Brooklyn neighborhoods where they live.

    Police say the men approached the car and the suspect ran away. The patrol called police and tried to force the suspect to the ground when he pulled out a weapon and started firing. Two patrolmen were hit in the hand, one in the neck and the other in the stomach. They were all expected to recover.

    A gun was recovered at the scene. The suspect, David Flores, is hospitalized and facing charges. No attorney information is available.