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Happening Today: 3D-Printed Guns, Jetliner Crash, War Remains, West Nile, J.Lo, Andy Spade, Demi Lovato

What to Know

  • A judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns
  • Health officials in Westchester County say mosquitoes in Yonkers have tested positive for West Nile virus
  • Jennifer Lopez's two-decade music career will be honored at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, the network announced

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Judge Temporarily Halts Release of Downloadable Plans for 3D-Printed Guns

A federal judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns. Eight Democratic attorneys general filed a lawsuit seeking to block the federal government's settlement with a Texas-based gun group that makes the plans available online. They also sought a restraining order, arguing the 3D guns would be a safety risk. The group, Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed, had reached a settlement with the federal government in June that allows it to make the plans for the guns available for download. The restraining order puts that plan on hold for now.

All Survive Crash of Jetliner, Some Walk From Wreck

An Aeromexico jetliner taking off in a blustery storm smashed down into a nearby field but skidded to a stop virtually intact, and all 103 people aboard were able to escape advancing flames before fire engulfed the aircraft. Passengers expressed gratitude to be alive, but many were extremely shaken after the crash. Survivors said the Embraer 190 plane burst into flames right after it hit the ground. Romulo Campuzano, head of a political party in Durango state who was on the plane, told Foro TV that both wings were on fire as he bolted from the aircraft. Durango state Gov. Jose Aispuro said a gust of wind hit flight AM2431 heading from the city of Durango to Mexico City just as it was lifting off the tarmac, forcing the pilot to abort takeoff.

North Korea Provided Just 1 Dog Tag With Sets of War Remains

When North Korea handed over 55 boxes of bones it said are remains of American war dead, it provided a single military dog tag but no other information that could help U.S. forensics experts determine their individual identities, a U.S. defense official. The official, who discussed previously undisclosed aspects of the remains issue on condition of anonymity, said it probably will take months if not years to fully determine individual identities from the remains, which have not yet been confirmed by U.S. specialists to be those of American servicemen. The official did not know details about the single dog tag, including the name on it, or whether it was even that of an American military member. During the Korean War, combat troops of 16 other United Nations member countries fought alongside U.S. service members on behalf of South Korea. Some of them, including Australia, Belgium, France and the Philippines, have yet to recover some of their war dead from North Korea. The 55 boxes were handed over at Wonsan, North Korea and flown aboard a U.S. military transport plane to Osan air base in South Korea, where U.S. officials catalogued the contents. After a repatriation ceremony at Osan, the remains began their journey home.

Mosquitoes in Westchester Test Positive for West Nile, Officials Say

Health officials in Westchester County say mosquitoes in the area have tested positive for West Nile virus. The Journal News reports the Westchester County Health Department confirmed two batches of mosquitoes collected in Yonkers tested positive for the virus. There were 134 batches tested in the county. According to officials, there were three reported cases of West Nile virus in the county last year. Westchester County Commissioner of Health Sherlita Amler said in a statement residents should remove standing water that sits near their homes. Amler added that people spending time outdoors should use repellents "from dawn to dusk." Most people don't develop any symptoms, but those who do may have fever, headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

J.Lo to Receive Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at MTV VMAs

Jennifer Lopez's two-decade music career will be honored at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. The network announced Lopez will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award on Aug. 20 at Radio City Music Hall. Lopez, who last performed at the VMAs in 2001, will also perform at the show. The Bronx-bred performer has released multiple hits and memorable, dance-heavy music videos since the late 1990s, including "If You Had My Love," ''Waiting for Tonight," ''I'm Real" and "Jenny From the Block." Past recipients of the Vanguard award include Madonna, Guns N' Roses and Beyonce.

Andy Spade Pays Tribute to Late Wife; Opens Up About “Difficult Time”

Nearly two months after her death, Kate Spade's husband Andy paid tribute to the iconic fashion designer in an Instagram tribute as he also revealed some insight into the difficult time he's going through since her passing. “She was born Christmas Eve, 1962,” Spade, 55, wrote. “She loved the Midwest, the desert, and the city. I was lucky enough to have dear friends let my daughter and stay at their home through a difficult time.” He continued, “This tree was standing alone beside the house so we ordered those multicolored, old fashioned lights from Amazon or Target and another dear personal friend gave me a really long extension cord and Bea and I cut a star out of the cardboard box the lights came on and wrapped it in Reynolds wrap like we do every Christmas.” Spade shared a photo of the small brightly lit tree amid the desert background.

Demi Lovato's “Sober,” About Relapsing, Re-Enters Billboard Chart

Demi Lovato's song about relapsing has re-entered the Billboard chart a week after she was hospitalized for a reported overdose. "Sober," released last month, jumped to No. 56 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after being absent from the chart last week. Nielsen Music says "Sober" earned 7.2 million streams and sold 18,000 tracks in the tracking week ending July 26. Lovato was hospitalized July 24. "Sober" turned heads when it was released since 25-year-old Lovato had celebrated six years of sobriety in March. On the song she sings: "Momma, I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore/And daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor."

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