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35 Cats Rescued from a One-Bedroom Apt. in Brooklyn

Woman started off with two cats



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     Authorities say they have taken in 35 cats that were crowded into a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.

    ASPCA official Tim Rickey said veterinarians were assessing the 25 adult cats and 10 kittens Monday, but most appeared to be in good health.

    Rickey said their owner tried to care for them, but her pet population had spiraled out of control after her initial pair of cats began breeding. She ended up with 37 and is getting to keep two — after they are spayed and neutered.

    The woman gave up the other cats voluntarily and hasn't been charged with any crime. Her name wasn't released.

    Rickey says it will likely be several weeks before the cats are ready for adoption. They will be taken to various shelters first.