New York City

300 Tapping Feet Perform in Middle of Times Square

300 tap shoes clicked and clacked Friday afternoon in the middle of Times Square, marking a rhythmic conclusion to the NYC Tap Festival.

The NYC Tap Festival is an annual weeklong celebration presented by the American Tap Dance Association of the art of tap dancing, which originated in New York City. This year was the festival’s 18th year of commemorating the dance.

“Tap it Out” dancers consisting of adult and pre-professional students presented their tap dancing skills at Father Duffy Square, in the middle of Times Square, to thousands of passersby.

The thunderous chorus of tapping shoes performed a contemporary percussion and movement “soundscape” that promotes tap dance as pure music. Each performance exhibited unison rhythms, individual riffs, and sequences that each had their own tone and personality.

Dancers of the group hope to inspire the next generation of tappers, building new audiences and educating the general public about this exciting rhythmic American art style.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the dance group or its Association, you can register on their website.

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